It is crucial to understand and define the problem, goals, desired outcomes, project constraints and intended audience. And to ask A LOT of questions – of the client, stakeholders and the users. What will meet the needs of the business while bringing delight to the user? Whenever applicable, I interview users to learn their pain points, understand their motivations and discover what they really want. Here a foundation is built to steer a project in the direction of success.





This is my favorite stage of the design process. I gather inspiration from the world around me and successful products or campaigns. I sketch, pin ideas on pinterest and let my mind go - every idea has a place on the table. I brainstorm keywords to guide the visual direction and sketch multiple low fidelity wireframes on paper to exhaust all possible solutions. If collaborating or working with a group, we have brainstorming/whiteboarding sessions to get the juices flowing and bounce ideas off of each other.


Narrow Focus



Here I take my inspiration and transform it into the best solution. I build mood boards, choose colors, develop user journeys and personas and start creating the visual language that will be the building blocks of the final design. Using Sketch or Adobe Xd, I develop high fidelity wireframes that become the skeleton of the overall visual design.